January Wine Tasting Seance – Pinot Noir, the Heartbreak Grape! – Jan 30th

Pinot Noir Wine Tasting Seance at the Farish House - Downtown Phoenix

Thursday, January 30th, from 5:30 to 7:00

Pinot Noir is an enigma; finicky, ever-changing, its devotees known as Fog Chasers, Burg-Hounds, or Miles from that movie I won’t name here….all on an unrelenting quest for what is the perfect Pinot, yet everyone’s ideal is different.

Pat Jasmine works with distinctive small production winemakers and will treat us to an array of Pinot Noir spanning from Central Coast California to Oregon.

Take a tour of Pinot from 5 U.S. Appellations, paired with a trio of appetizers that pair with Pinot- think mushrooms, salmon, goat cheese, blueberries and hazelnuts.

  • Bayless-Bower Vineyard Gypsy Dancer of Yamhill-Carlton
  • Project M from Willamette Valley
  • Kris Curran’s Santa Rita Hills Rancho La Vina Vineyard
  • Row 11 Antica Vineyard of Napa
  • as well as a multi-clonal blend, our new Pinot by-the-glass!


(Includes 5 wines, each with it's own appetizer pairing)

For reservations, click below or call 602-281-6659.