August Wine Seance – “The Cru of Beaujolais”

Farish House Wine Seance

August Wine Seance “The Cru of Beaujolais” Thursday, August 29th, from 5:00 to 6:30 (Arrive by 5:30 to partake.) This month’s Wine Seance will highlight the Cru of Beaujolais. Explore Gamay Bubbly and wines from the Regnie, Morgon, Fleurie and single vineyard Julienas! Join the Wine Seance with our host Ryan Brown of STEM, and…

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Announcing Sunday Brunch!

Sunday Brunch Downtown Phoenix at The Farish House

Beginning September 8th, join us for Sunday Brunches at the Farish House!  Classic French inspired and whimsical American eggy goodness. Oh, and let’s not forget Marinna’s Magical Scones! Every Sunday, 10am-3pm Make a Rezzie >

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The Phoenix Phizz – Cocktail of the Week, August 20, 2019

Blackberry-Basil Gin Fizz at the Farish House Downtown Phoenix

Henry C. Ramos invented the Ramos gin fizz in 1888 at his bar, the Imperial Cabinet Saloon on Gravier Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. It was originally called a “New Orleans fizz”, and is one of the city’s most famous cocktails. We’ve made a fruit and fresh garden basil infused gin fizz for summer sipping, poured…

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The Bee’s Knees – Cocktail of the Week, August 1, 2019

Farish House Cocktail - The Bees Knees

The Farish House transports you to another era. You find yourself speaking in antiquated phrases like, “you’re the bee’s knees!” After hearing that a few times, here it is: the Bee’s Knees! Gin, honey and lemon. Sugared honey rim. Mmmmm Join us for Cocktail Hours, Tuesday through Saturday from 4-6pm.

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