Cooking up a Storm in this Little House, Take a Look…

Downtown Phoenix Restaurant Bistro - The Farish House

Lots of fun, delicious, seasonal treats on the menu right now. Take a peek...

Farish House - Cherry Lavender Duck

Cherry Lavender Duck

Our succulent, fall-off-the-bone confit of duck leg on a bed of al fresco herbed French lentils with a cherry laden sauce composed of Gamay wine, lavender, plum butter, plus some savory herbs and onion.

We treat our duck well—it is a two day process. It appears in both this Cherry dish and our version of Cassoulet!

Apricot Festival Specials

We have an incredible apricot tree that has given enough fruit for our specials this week and next! This winter was a cold one for Arizona—we had plenty of days below 45 degrees, and most apricot trees require 600-900 hours below 45 degrees to produce. Some varieties, like Goldkist, Newcastle and Early Gold only require 300 chill hours, and are perfect for Phoenix gardens. This tree should give us fruit for 20 more years!

Farish House - Grilled Apricot-Prosciutto and Brie Bruschetta

Grilled Apricot-Prosciutto and Brie Bruschetta

With basil and lavender, crisp, melty and bursting with flavor. (pictured)

Apricot Marmalade Butter with grilled Noble Bread

Change up your bread order this week!

Farish House - Apricot-Chile Glazed Meatloaf

Apricot-Chili Glazed Meatloaf

Sharp cheddar mashed potatoes and zucchini- beef-pork and veal seasoned with mirepoix and herbs topped with coarsely chopped Morroccan chilies and apricot compote complimented by the creamiest, cheesiest mashed potatoes and seasonal zucchini rounds.

Our Dear Apricot Frangipane Tarte

Fresh apricots laced with fig-amaretto jam nestled in almond butter cream atop flakey pie crust.

Farish House - Apricot Tartes in Oven
Farish House - Apricot Tarte

Zucchini Gratin

While we’re at it, summer loves zucchini and squash too, so we made a gratin, topped with bechamel, breadcrumbs and salty Parmesan.

Farish House - Zucchini Gratin

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